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I longed for you.

I longed for you.

Popsicle. That, is was my thing last night.

11:00 pm, I stood up, put on my jacket, left the apartment and headed straight to my nearest bodega. Once outside, I was crushed. Off in the distance, I saw that the store owned by my usual Popsicle peddler was closed. Lights out, shutters down, my hopes were dashed – but only for a mere moment.

I could not let this bring me down, as I was a man with a mission.

Fortunately for me, in most of NY neighborhoods, (in some weird business-masochistic way) multiple bodegas tend to cluster inexplicably in one single block.

I simply visited one after the other until I obtained my objective.

The moment when I held the cold and clammy Popsicle in my hands, I felt connected to Link, holding up a piece of the tri-force in the Legend of Zelda.

My pixelated emotions.

My pixelated emotions.

I just totally let my inner geek escape, but I don’t care.


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Started with an urge.

Upon the course of the year or two, I’ve been reading a lot of interesting blogs written by interesting people, doing and talking about interesting things.

Now, I made this blog space a while ago, thinking that I was going to have such brilliant ideas for it, but just like you – I’m just an average Joe.

Just admit it. I’m sure several of you have haphazardly typed in your clever handle and the title of your “soon to be awesome” blog into a registration form… to find out that you really have nothing to write about, thus leaving yet another dead and empty billboard on this, the information highway.

(Kudos to the few of you who lasted a week or two, as you are, and possibly will be – better than I.)

Just like you, I am a reader. I have no inside scoop about what the celebrities ate for dinner nor can I keep track of which actress is dating which actor. I have no specialized knowledge in politics or science. I have no contacts, nor do I currently work in an exciting industry.

Then it hit me after having an urge to look up William Hung on Wikipedia out of the blue, just to see his mug. I have urges, the need for satisfaction.

Heck. AmĀ  I special after all?

Although the urge for blogging may not be uncommon, but the urge to look up William Hung just might be!?

It all makes sense now (at least to me at 1:33am)!

It’s all connected through me. I had an initial urge to make this blog, and that urge to do so is making me sit here and type at 1am in the morning. These urges are all that I have, and I damn well plan to nurture it.

Thanks Hung.

Thanks Hung.

Not only is this a diary, but is my ode to my sudden inexplicable urges.

I’m not going to be famous.

I know there is no point to it.

I’m just going to do it.

She Bangs.

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